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Amanda Gutiérrez del Castillo

Director, film writer and playwright. Anthropologist, social agitator; He no longer falls into the void now that he directs films. He studied playwriting at Lab. William Layton in Madrid with Paco Bezerra, a Master's degree in film direction and Documentary Film Authorship at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

"Balance 0"(2022) It is her second film (a story between fiction and documentary about a homeless woman) after releasing "Emma y el mundo" /2020/ with Ramón Langa, Emilio Linder, Adriana Gil and Gala Bichir. Both projects premiered in the Official Section of the Málaga Festival and are having numerous selections and awards (some of them in the Goya Alfa's del Pi and Festival de Málaga pre-selection festivals. The two films were beneficiaries of the Aid for the Creation of the Malaga Festival. 

He teaches film classes and has been a jury member at 53 Alcances Documentary Film Festival and Luces Cameros Acción (Government of La Rioja). He writes several feature films, here and now. He has just finished filming a film collaboration with the Spanish musical artist Vega, which will be released in 2023. He is preparing a documentary, in development, with the production company FTF Cam.

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