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In Fromzero Short Films we work with love and passion in the distribution of short films, without leaving the authors aside, with continuous contact and informing at all times of all the steps taken. 

We know the sector, how we work in the short film distribution market, with endless catalogs that are difficult to manage. And with massive shipments without studying the possibilities of each film. 

We know how difficult it is to manage the distribution of your short film by yourself. Devoting endless hours, registering on platforms, paying for annual passes and looking for festivals. When your job is to make movies!



We carry out a strategy and promotion service at festivals agreed upon directly with the authors and/or producers, through personalized meetings and studying the objectives desired by them.

As the tour of festivals progresses, once the premieres are sold out, we start a strategy to take the film to movie theaters. We are starting a new era, which is why we offer exhibitors a program of short sessions, an innovative format to highlight a differential offer.

After the theatrical release, we begin negotiations with television stations and digital platforms, both nationally and internationally, for the sale of our portfolio of short films that, depending on their success at festivals, may be available  more or less sales.



We also offer our portfolio of short films to public transport companies over long distances (Bus, AVE, Shipping companies and international flights). We believe, and we are convinced, that the short film format offers new entertainment to passengers who, for reasons of distance or time, reject the feature film format and seek a smaller entertainment format.

Finally, we take your film to the best Video on Demand (VOD) platforms to complete a successful and well-rewarded exhibition tour.

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We will only work with a maximum of 25 short films each season, to give a personalized service to each work and have all the time for you. Therefore, we will always make a very meticulous selection of all the material that you send us. 


Although it sounds utopian, we do not do this work for money, it is because we believe in the short film and in the people who are dedicated to it, always with problems of financial resources and lack of empathy from the film industry regarding the short film. Our rates are adjusted so that the fee can be almost recoverable, in any case, assumable in any short film production budget.

!Thanks for writing to us!

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