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César Tormo

Caesar Tormo(Valencia, Spain, 1968). Graduated in BBAA from the Faculty of San Carlos in Valencia. After a few years dedicating himself to the world of comics and children's illustration, he graduated in Dramatic Art at the ESAC (Valencia School of Actors). He has studied music at the Higher Conservatory of Music of Valencia and in the 90s he was a singer and composer of the pop group “Los Magneticos”. In 2022 he graduated in directing from the ECAM (School of Cinematography and Audiovisual of the Community of Madrid). He currently combines acting with directing short films.


Robots (2023) Fiction short film
Nocturno (2023) Fiction short film
Nivel Diós (2023) Fiction short film
Purasangre (2021) Fiction short film
Estribillo (2016) Fiction short film

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