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Direction: Jordi Sanz Angrill

Production: Digital Films

Type: Fiction

Duration: 19 min. 

Process:In distribution

Year: 2023


Greta and Gemma, after the death of Gina, their older sister, will spend a day at the family rural farmhouse where Gina lived –and where the three of them had lived a large part of their childhood– to begin the sale process; and they will take her ashes to a hill in the area. Due to closed –but not healed– wounds from the past, Greta and Gemma don’t maintain much more bonding than blood; they are distant and rather antithetical people, who share certain mannerisms –more than they want sto see–, the memory of a childhood idyllicly bathed in nostalgia, and the bond with Gina, as well as the mourning for her death. Emptying the house they will relive the past and, for a moment, return to it. This, however, will involve reopening these wounds, as they will never be able to be the girls they once were. Germanes (Sisters) explores whether sharing blood really means to be a family. Because when it’s too late to be a family, sharing grief and memory may just be enough.

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