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Laundry day

Direction: María Monreal

Production: Cambur Producciones - One In Kmillion

Type: Fiction

Duration: 13 min. 

Process:In distribution

Year: 2024


Going outside the box can lead to loneliness, and Belén knows that well. She hangs her clothes on the communal roof with Carmela, an octogenarian widow. For Belén, the terrace is not only a place to dry clothes, but also a place to chat and even rebel against a curious labeling system established in the community.

Official selecctions:

· Ull Nu, Festival Audiovisual d'Andorra (2024)

· 6º Festival de la gent gran de Barcelona. La gran Pantalla (2024)

· 26ª Mostra de cinema Jove d’Elx (2024)

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