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Rubén Capilla

Rubén Capilla, Mallorca, 1994.

Graduated in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication.
As a director, screenwriter and producer, he has made the documentary Lejsara, winner of the Indocumentari international festival in Sabadell (Spain), has been selected at the Portobello Film Festival (London), special mention at the Deepfocus film festival . 

He has been the director of photography for different projects, including the documentary Revealing Mario, by director Simó Mateu, for Movistar +, TVE1 and IB3 and winner of the best documentary from the Balearic Islands at the Evolu on film fest . He has directed the photography for the short film Reencuentro (2017) winner of the Notodofilmfest festival, the medium-length film What happens in Cap Vermell (2018) directed by Roberto Pérez Toledo. In addition to two advertising spots in short film format for the Hollywood director and screenwriter, Ernest Riera, screenwriter for films such as 47 Meters Away.

He also has extensive experience as a director, screenwriter and director of photography in the world of video clips, he has made more than 20. Among them, the video clip MDMAR - 9 oclock stands out, he was a finalist at the international Soundie Music festival Awards 2019. The video clip of OR - Aire America has also been a finalist at the Menorca Festival. In addition, the video clip of Bruno Sotos - El eco de la calle, has been present at the 2020 Latin Grammys.

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